After Ally released her version of Last Christmas and performed it at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the song has been playing a few times on Radio. To support this song, we’ve created a short list of important radio stations around the country that could possibly play Last Christmas.

Please, try to request it daily.

     Note: Online requests are taken via mediabase, if you don’t know how to use it, ask us.

     Note 2: If you’re based in the US, try to call or text the radio stations (you can also request it to your local stations).


KISS 108 FM (Boston)

Phone: 617.931.1108 | Text: 41041 | Online Request Line

Mix 94.1 (Las Vegas)

Phone: 806-320-0994 | Online Request Line

102.7 KIIS FM (Los Angeles)

Phone: 800.520.1027 | Text: 41027 | Online Request Line

Z100 (New York)

Phone: 800.242.0100 | Text: 55100 | Online Request Line

WiLD 104 (New York)

Phone: | Online Request Line

Power 105.1 (New York)

Phone: 800.585.1051 | Text: 41051 | Online Request Line

Z90 (San Diego)

Phone: 619.570.1903 | Online Request Line

Q94 (Texas)

Phone: 409.899.4994 | Online Request Line

106.1 Kiss FM (Texas)

Phone: 214.787.1061 | Online Request Line

Z93 Jamz (South Carolina)

Text: “ZMusic + Song Name” to 68683 | Online Request Line 

Hot 99.5 (Washington)

Phone: 877.995.4682 | Text: 97421 | Online Request Line



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