After a lot of wait, finally all gifts from our #AllyChristmas project are done! 

In 2016’s project we wanted to give her a CD. The songs that are a part of the disc, were sent by the fans, with a message explaining why they chose that specific song. All the messages are in the disc’s booklet.

*We won’t publish the booklist because some messages are really personal.

When Fifth Harmony were nominated to the EMA’s, AllyBrookeOn made many vote attacks weekly. We had more than 1 million votes overall. Thanks to all these successful voting attacks, we chose 8 people who really dedicated themselves, helping the girls to win the awards. These 8 people wrote a Christmas gift card to Ally and those cards where sent a with the other #AllysChristmas gifts.

Here’s an example.

Knowing the love Ally has for food, more than one year ago, we came up with #CookingWithAlly hashtag on twitter. Fans all around the world sent her receipts of typical foods that can be found in their country. The intention was to show Ally the different gastronomy that we have in different contries so she could even try to do some herself. The hashtag was so successful that we’ve decided to make a book with some of the best ones.

Besides, we sent messages to Ally and her family and a lot of chocolate. We want to thank everyone who helped us and was a part of #AllysChristmas 2016 and we hope you all liked it as much as we loved doing all of this.


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