Ally put together a charity event to collect toys for children with cancer for hospitals in the region. The event was held at Palenque Grill and was helped sponsored by radio station Mix 96.1.



Fans waited in line to meet Ally and got the chance to sit down and talk with her. Fans even got to take pictures with her!


A Facebook live stream from Palenque Grill was also available for fans to watch.

Later, Ally performed a few songs for fans and the restaurant.
She sang the following:

Feliz Navidad
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Winter Wonderland
Silent Night

A video of her performance was uploaded by a fan.

We got in contact with two fans who had an amazing experience at this event.

Rebecca (@allysonsfeels) won a contest that gave her the chance to have dinner with Ally later that night. She wrote the following:

My time at Ally’s toy drive m&g was AMAZING. There were around 200+ people there all excited to meet Ally, and instead of rushing through everyone, Ally took her time talking to EVERYONE, taking pictures with them on their phones, giving people videos and taking snapchats.
I was about the 70th person in line and it took more than two hours for me to even meet her because of how much time she was taking with every single person. Once I got to her she was so smiley and happy and I told her I was the one that was having dinner with her later and she was telling me about how fun it was gonna be and how excited she was and she just made me so happy.
The dinner with her was amazing too, I was like in shock the whole time that sitting right next to ally for a whole meal and being able to talk to her and have a real conversation like who else does that with their fans!! And we talked about so many things and took so many pictures and videos and the food was great and everything was perfect and not rushed at all! The dinner lasted about two whole hours!! It was honestly a once-in-a-lifetime experience and Ally and her parents made everyone feel so loved and welcomed and she’s just an angel for doing the whole event to make her fans happy AND making children happy who will be receiving the toys.


We also heard from another fan, Lindsey (@abrookegosolo).

So many people showed up with toys, and every person in that line got to meet her. In the process with all this, I was one of the first ten people to be there. I was there since 7:40 a.m. but it was so worth it. In the line I met so many people with the same desire that I had which was to meet Ally. It was such an amazing feeling looking at the line and see all those people full with excitement to meet Ally. I had made a poster for Ally, which was from a group-chat that she loves called the “sallyizers.” Around 2pm, she arrives and the line went crazy! When they saw her, everyone was cheering her name and she looked so happy.
The meet and greet was beginning and it was almost my turn to meet her. When it was my turn, I went inside the room she was hosting the meet and greet and the first thing she saw was my poster! Her eyes lit up and got so happy. She thanked me so much for everything we do for her, she is so genuine and cares for each and every person in that group-chat. My meet and greet was pretty long because we kept talking she made me feel welcomed and it felt like talking to her as a person and not just as a celebrity. It was literally the best day of my life I couldn’t thank her enough for making me happy. I hope to reunite with her soon, it was the best experience I could have.



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